NBS Productions

NBS Productions – Creative Director & Producer


Just as anything in life experience counts and that is why i continue to work with this award winning team.

NBS Productions Pty Ltd has over 20 years experience in all aspects of professional:

Film & video inc. HD
Graphics & animation
E-Learning and
Event Production

Creativity with substance!

Our strong background in film and video production, together with our award winning multimedia DVD’s and CD ROM’s has allowed NBS to be proficient and skilled in creative multimedia and ‘backend support’ technologies. NBS has its own:

Producers & Project Managers
Researchers/Script Writers
Camera Operators and Sound Recordists
Graphics Artists
3D Animators
CD Rom code writers
HD Digital Edit Suites
HD Wide Screen Cameras
Sound gear and lights
Green Screen Facilities

International recognition!

The company has won many International and local awards for its work in the following areas:

Film and Video
3D Animation
Interactive CD ROM’s
Web Sites and Intranets
Corporate Events
Distance Education Development

Total ‘packaged’ projects featuring all of the above.

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