Innovation starts with a story about the future”


I see myself as filmmaker, conservationist, social entrepreneur and sustainability leader that lives in a country that has everything, but has the ability to give and do more. I have a strong sense of social justice, which was started by my family, developed throughout my education and witnessed in my travels.

Twenty years of higher education and international travel gave me a grounded understanding of how most people live in the rest of world. Australia is indeed the “lucky country” and having the privilege to live and work here gives me the strength and determination to do more. Given our wealth and education Australians are ideally situated to deliver on sustainability, conservation and social innovation requirements.

Jose Ramos Horta

My aim is to assist and promote others aiming to make the world a better place. This is not a whimsical sentiment, but rather a real desire to positively change the world. I hope to do this through digital media, social innovation, conservation, sustainability leadership and social enterprise.

Imagine, inform, inspire is a mantra that I follow on my journey. I combine everything that has brought me here to this date and recognise the importance of  learning from both your successes and failures.

I like to dream up big ideas. I seek those who are smarter than me, those who have big hearts and those who will work together without ego. Collaboration is crucial to the success of our future.

Traveling is one of my greatest joys, but I am unashamedly an Australian. I love the sun, sand and surf. Water comforts me and I am not out of it for too long. And of course sport is a priority.

That is essentially me! If you like to know more I am always happy to catch up for a chat (+61 423 464 716) or drop me a line at

And please what ever you do in your life, you do it to the best of your ability and do it with style and smile.

“You only have to change a small part of your world to change the world”

-Brent Masters
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