The ADC Forum

The ADC Forum ⎯  Digital Media Adviser

ADC is a wholly Australian, non-political, not-for-profit leadership organisation
which brings together leaders from business, government, the public sector, academia and the broader community to improve their understanding of key issues affecting Australia. The Australian Davos Connection became the ADC Forum in 2010.

While ADC was originally founded in 1996 to: (a) promote the World Economic Forum (WEF) within Australia; (b) promote Australia’s interest within the broader WEF community; and (c) share the richness of ideas within the WEF community to a wider Australian audience; the organisation’s charter has since expanded to include the broader aims of:

* Promoting business excellence by encouraging policy debate on global issues;

* Improving the global issuesquality of leadership;

* Enhancing Australia’s position in the region and the world;

* Encouraging Australian leaders to help improve the quality of life of all Australians;

* Encouraging Australia to play a responsible, and leadership role where appropriate, within the global community; and

* Exposing Australian leaders to international experts and key international leaders.

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