The Riparian Project

The Riparian Project ⎯ Digital Media Manager

The grazing of livestock in rivers and along riparian areas (beds & banks of rivers) is the primary cause of poor river health in Australia. Livestock grazing destroys natural habitats for native plants and animals, leading to species loss.

Unrestricted grazing causes water quality and contamination issues including algal blooms, soil compaction, the dispersal of exotic species and the spreading of water-borne pathogens, as livestock trample, defecate and die in waterways.

The Riparian Project uses art as a communication tool to raise awareness and public concern about the problem of riparian grazing and inspire a change in grazing practices.
Ultimately, it aims to influence government policy to end livestock grazing in rivers. We design and build public artworks in conjunction with rural communities across Victoria to inspire and create a new way of thinking about riparian grazing.

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